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Program Overview

Teen Parent Connection (TPC) is a system of care that provides the support, guidance, and assistance needed by teen mothers and fathers to succeed as adults and parents. TPC serves pregnant or parenting teens (both moms and dads) aged 13-19 in State custody and their child (or children), or teen parents with a child in State custody – including youth at risk of coming into custody, which may include youth under a court order, with a family preservation case, or DJJ involvement.

Teen Parent Connection services are currently available in Metro Atlanta, North Georgia, and Middle Georgia.

What We Do & How We Do It

At Teen Parent Connection, Life Coaches are the centerpiece of our program. TPC Life Coaches are credentialed coaches with specialized training and experience in working with teen parents. These Life Coaches work with the team of professionals serving teen moms and teen dads and their children as part of a System of Care. Life Coaches are able to address the challenges of working with teens in myriad settings by using a keen awareness of the challenges they face and breaking them down in an individualized manner.

Life Coaches reach out to teens through home visits, phone contacts, and engagement in both individual and group settings. They choose from a host of programs tailored to the individual teen parent and their child. Services include:

  •   Screenings and assessments

  •   Parenting skills training for individuals and groups

  •   Job skills training and career placement

  •   Life skills support (financial literacy, educational support, medical/health support, building healthy relationships, etc.)

  •   Legal support

  •   Peer support and advocacy

Teen Parent Connection’s partners include: the Multi-Agency-Alliance for Children (MAAC), Georgia EmpowerMEnt, Georgia Department of Family and Children Services, Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power and Potential; Ringer Center of Excellence, Georgia Office of Family Representation, House of Dawn, Creative Community ServicesTwin Cedars Youth ServicesCHRIS 180, and many more.


Teen Parent Connection (TPC) accepts referrals from anyone working with a pregnant or parenting teen in custody. Teens may also refer themselves to TPC. For more information, contact Sharonda Porter –

The TPC Team
Shekeitha Reid
Teen Parent Connection Coordinator
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