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About the Multi-Agency Alliance for Children

What We Do

The Multi-Agency Alliance for Children (MAAC) is a collaborative effort focused on helping youth who have experienced foster care in the state of Georgia overcome their unique challenges and find success. We refuse to let these young people fall through the cracks. MAAC is dedicated to filling service gaps and building innovative solutions within the child welfare system by collaborating with partner agencies and focusing on providing care coordination and other services that emphasize youth voice and choice at the forefront of everything we do.

MAAC focuses on serving youth in foster care with high-end behavioral health needs, serving over 1,000 youth each month between ten core programs addressing needs such as placement, self-sufficiency, crisis recovery, and more.

MAAC’s residential Network Collaborative brings together ten highly qualified and accredited agencies (as well as numerous affiliate partners) from across the state of Georgia in order to secure the best possible outcomes for youth in care through dedicated placement planning. The MAAC team utilizes strengths-based planning to coordinate a unique, individualized approach for every MAAC youth, while maintaining youth voice and choice as the center of the work, placing them in the partner agency or affiliate best suited to meet their needs and personal goals. Each MAAC youth within the Network Collaborative is supported by a staff member dedicated to their unique situation, who will follow their case no matter where their placement moves take them.

The MAAC initiatives are structured to provide solutions to key areas of need identified by youth advocates and stakeholders — supporting a holistic vision for success during and after transitioning from foster care. The Initiative programs focus on helping youth ages 14-26 affected by foster care make a positive journey into healthy, independent adulthood through education, mentorship, and creating lasting connections.

The MAAC Program Model


Our Story

In 1996, several private non-profit agency directors gathered together to create what ultimately became the MAAC collaborative. These directors were driven to create “a new way of doing business” in the field of behavioral healthcare. Their vision was to create a seamless continuum of care to address all of the needs of the child, adolescent, and family, while reducing treatment “failures” and uncoordinated multiple placements. By teaming together to create a continuum of collaborative care, each MAAC partner agency maintains their individuality and expertise in the service areas they uniquely provide.

As MAAC has grown and expanded throughout the past two decades, we’ve worked hard to keep our focus on what matters most: an unwavering commitment to caring for each of the youth and families referred to us. MAAC’s passion and creativity shines through our dedicated staff members; our work has been recognized at the local, state, and national level!

The MAAC Network of Partner Agencies

MAAC coordinates people, resources, information, and a network of quality

providers to create positive outcomes for vulnerable youth and families.

All youth impacted by child serving systems receive coordinated

care and support to experience permanency and wellbeing.

Statement of Inclusion

MAAC welcomes and recognizes the importance of diversity and will ensure that the cultural or ethnic customs and beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, and any other individual needs of all clients and youth served will be respected by agency staff..

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