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Program Overview

The Thrive program was developed from discussions around how best to connect youth to sustainable family resources. MAAC and DFCS worked together to create a program aimed at supporting and strengthening families in the hopes of preventing out of home placements, when possible, and to expedite permanency for youth placed outside of their home. Our primary focus is assisting with the overall family well-being through the meeting of basic needs first (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs), followed by a heavy focus on social determinants of health (SoDH). We plan to achieve this through intentional planning and connecting families to community-based resources.

The Thrive Program goals include:

  1. Prevent youth from entering foster care by providing support to at-risk families

  2. Increase permanency outcomes for youth with reunification plans and prevent re-entries to foster care

  3. Increase community integration

  4. Reduce Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) and Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) stays

  5. Assist families in achieving a sustainable level of wellness ( ie regularly attending appointments and engaging in supportive services consistently), as well as improving their ability to handle crises/conflicts and increase their problem solving skills.


Thrive is a voluntary program, therefore MAAC requires both the youth and family resource be actively involved and willing to engage in the program. PACT Thrive is for youth and families with Fulton or Dekalb County DFCS involvement, with an IQ of 70 or above, no current extensive legal involvement, and are not currently experiencing a significant mental health crisis. Youth may be eligible for this support if they have or have recently had involvement with Fulton or Dekalb County DFCS and  are in one of the following situations:

  • Youth is needing support to sustain family placement.

  • The youth is currently in DFCS custody, working towards reunification with family, and in need of additional support.

  • Youth is placed with a kinship resource, and needing extra support

  • Youth is in a Maximum Watchful Oversight Program or PRTF but has a viable family resource.

Note: For youth in DFCS custody but not in the custody of Fulton/Dekalb counties please consider our PACT program.

Here is the PACT link: 


If you have any questions about the Thrive program, referral eligibility, or program enrollment, please contact the MAAC Admissions Department via email at, phone 404-880-9323, or our website ( ) chat feature.

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