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Program Overview

MAAC’s PACT Program was created based on the successful outcomes of a pilot project that included several program entities within MAAC. The purpose of the pilot was to create a successful blend of services and supports for children in child welfare through an integrated approach, with the goal of helping youth reach stability in a community setting. MAAC literally makes a pact with youth and families to do the best work we can. The program is designed to work with youth to improve their success and sustainability in a community environment. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that each youth has a voice in their plan, has strong and consistent advocacy, is closer to accomplishing their goals and is stable and safe.

The PACT Program explores ways to infuse key ingredients which aid youth and family success by primarily focusing on the following:

  •  Improving relationships between youth, families, community providers and DFCS staff partners

  •  Decreasing stays in higher level placements

  •  Effectively moving youth to permanent living arrangements

  •  Increasing sustainable connections


MAAC is committed to strengthened practices to better serve youth and families and improve relationships with collaborating agencies and various systems of care.


Youth may be eligible for PACT if they have been adopted or are in DFCS custody, have Amerigroup 360 insurance, an IQ of 70 or above, have placement at the time of referral, AND meet at least one of the following criteria:

    • In DFCS custody, and at risk of having a placement disruption and/or have experienced multiple placements within the past twelve months.

    •  In Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) Assessment Bed and DO NOT meet Medical Necessity for continued PRTF Stay

    •  About to step down from a PRTF, and in need of placement and/or additional resources to support placement stability

    •  In Crisis Stabilization Units (CSUs) and do not qualify for a PRTF but can be safely served in the community in their identified placement

    •  In a Maximum Watchful Oversight Program/Child Caring Institution (MWO/CCI) for longer than 12 months, or youth who are about to step down from a MWO/CCI who are in need of placement and/or additional resources to support placement stability

    • Youth who are receiving Adoption Assistance and need additional resources to maintain permanence.


MAAC welcomes calls and emails regarding how to best navigate this process. If you have any questions about the PACT program, referral eligibility, or program enrollment, please contact the MAAC Admissions Department via email – 

Pact Administration Team
Erica Davis-Woods
Community Programs Director
Bonnie Howard
PACT Supervisor
Chelsea Brown
PACT Supervisor
Joanne Williams
PACT Administrator
Cathleen Duff-Gilbert
PACT Supervisor
Jazmine Reliford
PACT Supervisor
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