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About the MAAC Employment & Training Program


Emerging from an exciting local partnership with Anthem, the vision of the MET program is to provide young adults who have experienced foster care with the skills, connections, and opportunities to succeed in the workforce through high-demand IT and technical apprenticeships supported by MAAC’s experienced, trauma-informed staff. The program centers on community partnerships with employers that include education, technical training, soft skill development, and mitigating systemic barriers, while focusing on an individualized approach tailored to the needs of each young person participating.

About Our Impact

40% of participants were unemployed prior to staring the program, and the other 60% were working part-time, and/or for the minimum wage.

Because of MAAC, the apprenticeship cohort is now employed full-time for a living wage, working towards post-secondary degrees and certifications, and building long-term careers in a high-demand field.

Interested in Participating?

Young adults may be eligible for the MET program if they are over age 18, have obtained their GED or high school diploma, and have spent time in foster care.

Please email the program staff for more information.

MET can also provide housing support!

The MET program is also able to support alumni of foster care between ages 18-24 experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity, offering youth a varied mix of supports dependent on their needs for 6-12 months via the MET Housing program.

The holistic program model also includes education, advocacy, employment opportunities, emergency assistance, and ongoing connections to a community of support to promote long-term stability.

MET Team
Sharonda Porter
Director of Transition
Brooke Babbit
Housing Coordinator
Courtney Nguyen
Housing/Opportunity Passport Coordinator
LaDreina George
Workforce Development Coordinator
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