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We help kids by listening to what they need, from their point of view, while also listening to the adults in their life. We care about each of them. Our passion for the children in our care colors absolutely everything we do.


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225 Peachtree St. NE, Suite 900
Atlanta, GA 30303

Phone: (404) 880-9323
Fax: (404) 880-9325

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MAAC is a collaboration between nine agencies who network together to provide placement and support for at-risk youth. Click here to see our partner agencies.

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Meet the MAAC Staff

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MAAC is proud to have the most dedicated, caring group of employees who are truly passionate about child welfare. Nearly
40 people are based in our Atlanta headquarters. Here are some glimpses into a few of MAAC’s remarkable team members:

Andre Blanchard

Trina Jones

Jamie Jones

Betty Lea

Sommer Lewis

Heather Rowles

Victoria Salzman

Jennifer Taylor

Anthony Stover

Amina Wellons

Shaquita Ogletree

Lysa Moore

Katie Morgan

Yatecca Lofton

Tori Mackall

Dyonne Miles

Sharonda Porter

Amanda Phillips

Jerica McCrary

Antoinette Rucker

Samelhia Thompson

Monica Woodring

The MAAC staff is a fun, hard-working group united in its mission to help at-risk youth.

Thomaesa Bailey

Sandra Corbin

Molly Casey

Brittany Caylor

Mia Calvo

Nataya Cowart

Erica Davis-Woods

Cathleen Duff-Gilbert

Renee Davis

Jessica Whitaker

Audrey Jordan Bundy

Jennifer Fogel

Hakim Hart

Bonnie Howard

Sarah Bess Hudson

Priscilla Harris

Meghan Harbin

Johnetta Huckeba

Tessa Jensen

Marissa Jackson

LaToya Brown

Jaylon Couch

Amber Beck

Kaytie Markfort