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We help kids by listening to what they need, from their point of view, while also listening to the adults in their life. We care about each of them. Our passion for the children in our care colors absolutely everything we do.


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Phone: (404) 880-9323
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MAAC is a collaboration between nine agencies who network together to provide placement and support for at-risk youth. Click here to see our partner agencies.

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Deidre London

Youth & Family Coordinator

Deidre is super excited to have recently joined MAAC as a Youth and Family Coordinator.  Prior to coming to MAAC, Deidre worked as a foster care recruiter/trainer for a private agency.  She has also worked as a case manager for therapeutic foster care and has a lot of experience working with children and their families experiencing challenges.  In addition to her work at MAAC, Deidre provides individual and family therapy through a private agency dealing with substance abuse, trauma and/or separation from their families.   Deidre obtained her Bachelors in Social Work from Savannah State University where she became a member of the illustrious Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  She obtained her Master’s in Community Counseling from Argosy University due to her passion to provide counseling. She is currently an LAPC.  Deidre has a lot of energy and enjoys putting it towards the values and mission of MAAC.

Did You Know?

- Deidre’s favorite color is Green and her favorite snack is Sunflower Seeds.  She does not like to share them AT ALL!!! 

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