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We help kids by listening to what they need, from their point of view, while also listening to the adults in their life. We care about each of them. Our passion for the children in our care colors absolutely everything we do.


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MAAC is a collaboration between nine agencies who network together to provide placement and support for at-risk youth. Click here to see our partner agencies.

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Our approach to child welfare and behavioral healthcare can be summed up very simply: our passion for the children in our care colors absolutely everything we do. MAAC welcomes the opportunity to work with children and families in need regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation. We believe that kids and families impacted by foster care benefit when their team communicates dedicated, genuine, non-judgemental concern and efficient use of resources.

MAAC is a collaboration of nine agencies that work together to provide placement and wrap-around support to kids in the higher end of service need. As we work together, we have proven that it is possible to offset the impact of a struggling economy by effectively pooling our resources.

We work with children ages 3-21 but the majority of our kids fall into the 16-20 age range. Many of them represent the most challenging “cases” in child welfare and behavorial health; for many, MAAC is a “last resort.”

We help kids by listening to what they need, from their point of view, as well hearing the perspective offered by the adults in their lives. MAAC celebrates individual strengths and accomplishments and actively creates opportunities that can help youth meet their dreams.

We care about what happens to “our kids.”  We have known some of our youth and their families for five or more years and have watched them make hard-earned progress. Each member of the MAAC team feels incredibly inspired whenever we can play a role in these positive transformations.

Our work doesn’t end with children, however: we help parents and guardians because we believe they are a critical part of the healing process. Their input and help is a critical part of a child’s journey.

In each situation, we work creatively and plans on a case-by-case basis. The State pays MAAC at a capitated rate which means that we get the same amount of money for working with each child in our care. It's up to us to use that money wisely. MAAC staffers strongly believe that kids should be served in the lowest level of care possible and that every child can succeed-- it just takes some a little more help than others.

MAAC’s passion for children colors everything we do.

We invite you to learn more about the primary programs MAAC offers, to
refer children to us, to see a recent summary of our results, and to support us financially if you can. Thank you for visiting our site- - we’re glad you’re here!